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Professor Vaughan Judge is the Director of the School of Art at Montana State University. In 2013 he became one of the first Fellows of the National Arts Strategy: Chief Executive Program; an initiative design to address the intractable problems of finance and relevancy in the nonprofit cultural sector. With over 30 years’ experience in arts education and a practicing artist of international significance in the field of contemporary photographic art; his work has been cited in four history of photography books, with numerous international exhibitions. “I am proactively and heavily involved in our community; for I believe that our cultural institutions are at a crossroads, at which their relevance and even the role of the arts in our society are being questioned. Cultural leaders are grappling with many complex and intractable questions. How do you take a cultural institution designed in a bygone era and make it relevant today? How do you compete in an increasingly crowded market? What does a successful financial model look like for a nonprofit cultural organization? In the face of such difficult questions; one thing is clear and of great importance to me, art and culture is how we grow, and grow it must.




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